The Ten Thousand Talents Plan

DI Zengfeng

Title: Professor
Subject: Microelectronics
Phone: +86-021-62511070
Fax: +86-021-62524192
Address: 865 Changning Road, Shanghai, China


2015 National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program Ten Thousand Talent Program (Young top-notch talent)

2012 National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars

2008 National Top 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations

2007 Outstanding Ph.D Thesis of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2006 CAS President Award (Special Prize)


DI, Zengfeng, Ph.D., Professor of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT). He graduated from department of intensive instruction of fundamental sciences of Nanjing University in 2001, and earned his Ph. D degree in microelectronics and solid-state electronics from SIMIT in 2006. From March 2004 to September 2005, he conducted joint research training in department of physics and materials science of City University of Hong Kong. After graduation, he worked as a directors postdoctoral fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory of Department of Energy US from 2006 to 2010. In September 2010, he was appointed professor of SIMIT as an outstanding talent from overseas. His researches focus on silicon-on-insulator, silicon based semiconductor materials, the interaction of energetic particle with solids. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and obtained 5 authorized US invention patents with 55 authorized China invention patents.


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